Recycling of waste, must be subjected to process of using waste and waste products to make new products. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) described it as " That is without doubt, is a contribution to people, society and our planet." 
The recycling of the ships is to breakdown of ships with the aim of recyling the ships which completed their life as economic and commercial. During the recycling , almost nothing is thrown into the trash. For example, the steel is sent to steel companies to reuse after melting. Generators, electronic navigation equipments, separators, pumps, lathes, drills are considered to be re-used. All kind of wooden furnitures are evaluated in some way. Even the waste of oil and fuel that are released from the ship, are burned in cement factories in order to obtain energy. 
If ore is used instead of scrab to produce 1 kg iron, 2,5 kg ore is required, also for 2,5 kg ore, 6 tons of soil needs to be dug. If taken into consideration that 25 million ships are disassembled per year, it means that 437,5 million ton of soil is dug per year in the world in case of usage of ore rather than ship disassemble scrab. If it is considered as there will be an energy consumption to dig the soil, it is clear how the sector of ship disassembling is required and useful.


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IMO: 8602775
DWT: 15681
Light Disp.: 13859
LBD: 191/32/8,5
Transocean Driller
Transocean Driller
IMO: 8751021
DWT: 4537
Light Disp.: 14680
LBD: 82/62/21,3
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