About Us

"EU Approved Ship Recycling Facility"

AGS, which joined Işıksan Ship Recycling Facilities in 2013, carries out recycling activities with an annual capacity of 120,000 tons and a working area of ​​22,000 m².

AGS, together with Işıksan, is one of the first companies in Turkey to receive the Hong Kong Convention certificate in 2017. AGS, which fulfills the European Union approved Ship Recyclers standards and provides an application to the list, is also a member of ISRA (International Ship Recyclers Association) and SRAT (Ship Recyclers Association Turkey).

AGS, with regards to the Green Ship Recycling Activities it carries out, undertakes to establish, document, and implement an integrated management system that complies with the requirements of ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, ISO45001: 2018 and ISO30000: 2009 standards, as well as the Guidelines of Basel, Hong Kong, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Minamata, Montreal, and Kyoto Conventions which it is internationally a party of, and United Nations Conventions, MARPOL, IMO, ILO Protocols and European Union Ship Recycling Regulations and to ensure the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of this management system.