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A management system has been established to comply with the requirements of ISO 30000 Ship Recycling Management, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management, OHSAS 18001: 2007 Health and Safety Management Standards, Hong Kong Convention, EU Ship Recycling Regulation on management and operational activities.

As the management:

We declare that we shall carry out our ship recycling activities by following all national and international protection systems, techniques developed, and guides published related to this subject, that we shall comply with all national Laws and Regulation and all International Agreements that Turkey has signed and to perform them to not to jeopardize environment and health and safety of our employees.

Our Policy formed to reach our goals:

• Reaching our subjects by raising workers awareness
• Preventing pollution and incidents in all of our activities by developing effective systems
• Maintaining a Ship Recycling Management System which is environment-friendly, following Safety Standards, supported by top management, which is adopted and carried out, supervised, reviewed by all employees, constantly improved and is open to public.
• Increasing overall health life quality of our workers by improving workplace safety , providing quality workplace for our workers

• To define, asses , monitor and take actions against risks and opportunities that have impact on our  goals which have been defined according to our Policy and Strategic Direction

• Maintaining respond system to customer needs and expectations by using customer focused effective internal communication
• Adding values to society by using latest applicable technological and economical developments on minimising waste generating resulted from company’s main and secondary activities
• Minimising non-sustainable energy and sources consumption by efficient input controls by reviewing our processes, using best available technologies and according to our organisational knowledge
• Implying methods and systems to ensure an efficient Waste Management and minimising contamination by seperating waste on their source
• Informing related institutions, visitors, employees of the work place and our suppliers in respect of the precautions, safety measures taken, our statements, our practices for Environment Protection, Worker Health and Safety and Recycling Management System.
• Monitoring the performance of our activities constantly, to reduce the harm given to environment to minimum, to provide safe working environment, to protect the welfare of employees, and to prevent accidents.
• Evaluating and monitoring the performance of our policy to achieve our goal, to supervise our system and have it supervised.
• Taking precautions to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, to support workers with trainings.
• Developing consciousness of our employees at every level about environment and their health and safety.
• Participating in energy conservation and reducing natural resource use and non-sustainable sources
• Working with our contractors within reciprocal partnership, contact and reliability and to increase our productivity.
• Creating values in respect to Health and Safety , Environmental ,Green Ship Recycling and Energy consumption practises, improving continually in all aspects, being communicative and transperent company and preffered solution partner for our workers, customers, contractors, service providers and society

And ISIKSAN commits with all of its workers and management’s participation to follow this policy


To be trustable partner for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of seagoing vessels in the world.


- Through following technology and science consistently without compromising our ethical values,
- Acting with sense of social responsibility, appreciating law, environment, human, different culture and ideas,
- To create a sustainable value for all our stakeholders by setting growth and development as strategic goals.


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